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Minix NEO A2 Lite Airmouse

- Six-axis gyroscope & accelerometer - Spacious kexboard - Advanced power management - Battery type: 2× AAA - Operating range: up to 10m - Multi OS support: Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux
170,34 Kn
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Minix NEO A3 Airmouse

- Six-axis Gyroscope & Accelerometer - Spacious Keyboard - Advanced Power Management - Easy-to-use air mouse for MINIX Media Hubs for Android - Built-in microphone for voice input - Dedicated multimedia key pad - Full keyboard on the reverse side - L ...
264,96 Kn
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Minix NEO T5 Android TV Box, 4K UHD

- 4K Ultra HD Android TV Media Hub HOME THEATRE PERFORMANCE - NEO T5 transforms your TV, bringing the spectacular big screen viewing experience into your living room - With picture and sound in perfect harmony, NEO T5 delivers amazing realism for bo ...
814,92 Kn
857,81 Kn Cijena na rate
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Minix NEO U22 Android TV Box, 4K UHD

AN ENTERTAINMENT POWERHOUSE - Minix NEO U22-XJ is designed to be the centre of your home entertainment needs - Transforming the entertainment experience with hardware that captures the cinematic experience, delivering a dynamic audio and visual exper ...
1.342,47 Kn
1.413,13 Kn Cijena na rate
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Minix NEO U9-H Andriod TV Box, 4K UHD

PICTURE PERFECT - 4K UHD - With up to 60 frames of video per second (fps), NEO U9-H delivers smooth, responsive, crystal-clear picture quality - Connect NEO U9-H to a 4K TV and delight in the seamless visual rush of 4K Ultra HD with crisp, life-like ...
975,31 Kn
1.026,64 Kn Cijena na rate
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Minix NEO W2 Airmouse (Win 10 compatibility)

SIMPLIFY YOUR WINDOWS 10 EXPERIENCE - NEO W2’s revolutionary, intuitive design puts all the control you need in the palm of your hand - Designed for those searching for an alternative to the traditional mouse and keyboard, NEO W2 makes navigating Win ...
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