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Orico 4-portni USB3.0 hub, prozirni (ORICO MH4U-U3-03-CR)

  • 76,52 Kn

Specification - Material: Transparent PC - Output: 4× USB 3.0 - Input: Micro USB3.0 - Dimension: 56.7×56.7×20 mm - Power Supply: Micro USB Power Supply ...

Orico 4-portni Clip-type USB 3.0 Hub, srebrni (ORICO MH4PU-SV-PRO)

  • 109,72 Kn

- Exquisite Buckle, A New Install Concept - Compatible With MAC HD DisplayClip Type Expansion - USB3.0 High-Speed Driving Force - Match With 100cm ...

Orico 3-portni USB3.0 hub + čitač memorijskih kartica TF/SD, crni (ORICO H3TS-U3-BK)

  • 123,20 Kn

Features - Dual function, expansion for convenience - VIA + GL dual controller Excellent performance - Made of ABS material - Compact and portable ...

Orico 4-portni USB3.0 hub, Aluminium, srebrni (ORICO M3H4-V1-SV)

  • 148,23 Kn

- Aluminum 4 Port USB3.0 Hub for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and Other Apple Devices M3H4-V1 - MAC-style design, anodizing process carefully ...

Orico 7-portni USB3.0 Hub, bijeli (ORICO H7013-U3-V1-WH)

  • 150,63 Kn

- 7-port USB3.0 expansion Support kinds of USB-enabled devices: More and more peripherals bring us convenience. With 7 USB ports arranged reasonably, ...

Orico 2-portni USB3.0 hub sa SD čitačem, srebrni (ORICO MH2AC-U3-SV-BP)

  • 154,01 Kn

- Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS - Color: Silver - Output Interface: 2× USB3.0 Type-A Blue/ 1× SD - Input Interface: USB3.0 Type-A Pink - Clip Range: ...

Orico 7-portni USB3.0 Hub, crni (ORICO H7013-U3-V1-BK)

  • 158,13 Kn

- Portable design, easy to carry - LED power indicator design - Support hot-swap, plug and play - Super Speed USB 3.0 transmission rate up to 5Gbps10 ...

Orico 3-portni USB3.0 hub, sa RJ45 mrežnim adapterom (ORICO HR01-U3)

  • 169,40 Kn

- Featuring a power-bar design and palm size, this hub functions as a mini data-transfer station to accommodate your collection of USB devices, which ...

Orico 4-portni USB3.0 hub sa vanjskim napajanjem, crni (ORICO A3H4-V2-EU-BK)

  • 211,75 Kn

- Multi-Port Extension - Aluminium Material - Use Computer To Control Multiple Peripherals, Such as Printer, Scanner, Camera, Tablet and So On, To ...

Orico 4-portni USB 3.1 Hub, dark gray+orange (ORICO M3H4-G2)

  • 243,64 Kn

- The New Trend Of USB Rapid Data Transmission The Real 10Gbps Shows The Strenght - The Reserved Power Supply Interface Of Up To 12V Not Only Has No ...

Orico 7-portni USB3.0 hub/punjač, Aluminium, vanjsko napajanje, srebrni (ORICO M3H7-V1-EU-SV)

  • 283,42 Kn

HIGH-END Mac STYLE, DESIGN INTEGRATING INTO LIFE - Aluminum alloy chassis with Mac style is processed by anodic oxidation, similar to Apple Magic Trackpad, ...

Orico 7-portni USB3.0 hub, sa vanjskim napajanjem, crni (ORICO H7928-U3-V1)

  • 283,94 Kn

- Compatibility: Expand to a total of 7 extra USB 3.0 Ports, compatible with any device - High Performance: Super Speed USB 3.0 port has data transfer ...